Korea captain thanks teammates for sacrifice at U-20 World Cup


Korea’s captain, midfielder Lee Seung-won, not only led the team on the field but also with his humility and dedication throughout the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina. Despite Korea’s loss to Israel in the third-place match, Lee emerged as their standout performer, scoring the team’s only goal and finishing the tournament with three goals and four assists, the highest total by a Korean player at a male FIFA tournament.

Lee consistently deflected attention away from himself and credited his teammates for his individual success, emphasizing their sacrifice and dedication. He expressed his gratitude to the coaching staff and acknowledged the challenging journey they had undertaken over the past year and a half.메이저사이트

Lee felt relieved to have no regrets from the World Cup despite the final loss. He addressed his teammates, urging them to hold their heads high and view the tournament as a valuable learning experience. Lee expressed his belief that if they continue to improve with their respective clubs, they will reunite on the national team in the future.

Looking ahead, Lee acknowledged the areas where he needed to improve and expressed his commitment to addressing those shortcomings. He expressed his desire to contribute to Korean football in tournaments such as the Asian Games and the Olympics.

Another player, center back Kim Ji-soo, who had already gained recognition among football fans, also shared his aspirations for the future. Kim saw the tournament as an opportunity for personal growth and expressed gratitude for playing alongside talented teammates in front of large crowds. He viewed the experience as a dream and expressed his motivation to reach an even bigger stage in his career.

Goalkeeper Kim Joon-hong, who featured in six of Korea’s seven matches, cherished the opportunity to play regularly, especially after having limited playing time for his club. He acknowledged the areas he needs to work on and considered the experience as a foundation for his growth as a player.

Overall, the Korean players displayed humility, determination, and a commitment to improvement, both individually and as a team, throughout the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

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