Korea coach proud of players for proving doubters wrong


Following Korea’s fourth-place finish at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in La Plata, head coach Kim Eun-jung expressed immense pride in his team’s accomplishments. Despite the 3-1 loss to Israel in the third-place match, Kim recognized the remarkable progress made by this relatively unknown group of players.

Kim acknowledged the challenges faced by the players in terms of motivation due to the lack of attention they received before the tournament. However, he commended their ability to overcome adversity and prove their worth on the big stage. Kim emphasized that the experience of playing multiple matches in a tournament of this magnitude was invaluable for the players’ development.

Compared to previous U-20 teams, which featured notable talents such as Lee Seung-woo, Paik Seung-ho, and Lee Kang-in, this year’s squad lacked star power. Many players had limited playing time at their respective clubs, resulting in minimal hype leading up to the tournament. However, their impressive opening victory against France caught the attention of football fans and set the tone for their journey.

보증놀이터Despite the loss to Italy in the semifinals and the subsequent defeat against Israel, Kim highlighted the emergence of future stars such as captain Lee Seung-won, midfielder Bae Jun-ho, and striker Lee Young-jun. As their first group of players under his guidance, Kim expressed a sense of reward witnessing their growth over the past year and a half.

Kim acknowledged the physical toll the demanding schedule had on his players, with four knockout matches in just 12 days. He expressed the desire to end the tournament on a positive note but recognized that the players’ bodies were fatigued.

Looking ahead, Kim emphasized the importance of these U-20 players earning more opportunities with their respective clubs. He encouraged them to compete for playing time, build stamina, and gain a better understanding of the game through consistent action on the field.

Overall, Kim Eun-jung expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the team’s performance, highlighting their resilience, growth, and promising future prospects.

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